How to Get a Higher Conversion Rate on Your Website

Fast Website. If you have a slow website there is no doubt that you are missing out on a ton of sales. If you are wondering what is considered “slow”, a 3-second (or less) load time is ideal for websites. Test your website hereSite speed affects revenue. According to Hubspot, if your site makes $100,000/day, a 1-second improvement in site speed brings in an additional $7,000 daily. A few basic ways to speed up your website include: good hosting, utilize browser caching, reduce image sizes, and reduce unnecessary items such as extra images, plugins, and code. We will write a way more in-depth article in the future about how to speed up a website.

Call-To-Action. All websites need to have a prominent call-to-action button. These buttons should be right in front of your face, easy to spot, good-looking, and simple. The button maybe something along the lines of “contact us”, “join now”, “subscribe”, “learn more”, etc. Call-to-action buttons are very effective for getting leads because if used properly, it is what the user clicks on right after initially entering the website. See our call-to-action buttons here.

Reduce Rick/Guarantees. This one may depend more on what kind of product or service you offer, but offering guarantees is another great way to increase your conversion rate. For example, if a marketing company guaranteed a 10% increase in sales after each campaign their conversion rate would definitely go up because clients would not be taking any risk by purchasing one of their marketing campaigns. This is just another way of establishing trust and credibility to your client.

Clean and Simple. If your website is overly complicated, messy, and not clear, you will have a low conversion rate. Always keep it clear, concise, and good-looking. Even small things such as having too many fields in a contact us form will decrease your conversion rate. Here is an example of a very simple website that keeps it clean and simple.

Testimonials/Reviews. No one is going to buy your product/service if they are not convinced that it works. For that reason, you need legitimate testimonials and reviews. Notice how “legitimate” is in bold there? I say this because many companies engage in shady practices of creating fake reviews, buying fake reviews, or tricking clients into giving them a positive review. This will always come back to bite you in the butt. Just don’t do it. If you have a good product and great customer service then you don’t have to worry about getting bad reviews and the good reviews will come. Some tips to get good reviews: Always make sure your client is 100% satisfied with your work. Stay in contact regularly throughout a project, and have a very fast response rate. Make the customer feel like a friend, but keep it professional. Ask for reviews after you have completed a project/sale. Send the client an email asking how your service was with a link to a review site. Once you have a good amount of reviews (with a high rating) then clients will know that you are legitimate and your conversion rate will go up. Make sure to display your reviews/testimonials on your site, but also have a link to the actual reviews because clients know that you can put whatever you want on your own site. Always link to the actual site where the reviews were posted for proof that they are real.

Chat Function. Another great way to increase conversion rates on your website is to implement a chat function. I highly suggest using a program called Tawk on your website. It is free and very effective. This will slightly slow down your website, but it is 100% worth it in my opinion. It is especially great for sites that do not get a lot of traffic because you can set it up to where it will send a notification to your phone that someone is on your website. You can then login and message that person to see if they need assistance. This direct contact with the potential customer will substantially help with your conversion rate because it gives your business a personal feel and shows potential clients that you have great customer service.


Joshua Elder