5 Tips to Consider When Taking Your Business Online

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1. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

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Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews are absolutely critical in establishing trust with consumers. SearchEngineLand conducted a consumer study and made plenty of interesting finds like this. Make sure every customer is taken care of properly before they affect your reputation!

2. The first 5 results in a Google search account for 67% of clicks for that search

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While not new, SEO has recently become the prime marketing in developing an online presence. Those that have made it to the top of Google Search results see an amazingly high click through rate (CTR) over those even on the second page (3%)!

3. 63% of all US web traffic is mobile based

Mobile websites need to be in tip top shape since the majority of the US's traffic happens on mobile. Not having a user friendly mobile site will devastate your business.

4. Page abandonment increases from 10% to 50% as load time increases. 79% then say they will never visit a website again if they ran into load problems

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Not only does your website have to be mobile friendly; if it's slow then your customers will leave. Having speed problems on sites designed with WordPress means there are easy plugins to help like WP Super Cache.

5. 94% of consumers base trust on a websites design

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Lastly, if your website is ugly then expect people to be turned off from buying. Having a trustworthy website entails speed, good design, and usability. If you can't meet these standards, its time to hire new web guys!

Source: Trust and mistrust of online websites (Journal article), Peter Harris


Jonathan Guzman

chief technology officer at firesites, llc